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Here we shamelessly celebrate the love for Ichigo Kurosaki and Uryu Ishida. Put them together and it's even better! Not only do we ship Ichigo X Uryu but support all combinations of Ichigo's alter-egos with Uryu as well.

Thanks for stopping by and come spread the love of IchiUri by joining us today!
Founded 4 Years ago
Feb 8, 2010


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Fan Club

170 Members
181 Watchers
6,960 Pageviews
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As we gain more new members I'd like to announce that we will be doing a contest to kick-start the group up! We have been gaining new affiliates as well so check some of them out when you have a chance.


**Submission will be taken until May 31st.

For this contest, there is no theme! Let's just have some fun!

~ It must be NEW to dA. This means as long as you haven't posted it to your gallery then it will be valid.
~ (This should be a given) It MUST be IchiUri related. You may choose between any of Ichigo's personalities though: Hollow-Ichigo, Kon-Ichigo, or even Tensho-Ichigo.
~ ONE submission per person! When the folder is opened there will be a limiter. So choose wisely!

Entries accepted:
~ Drawings
~ Cosplays
~ Comic/doujin style one shot panels
~ Fanfiction one shots under 5,000 words


3RD Place: 50 Points and one special handmade wire charm gift from Axelkin*.

2ND Place: 75 Points, a customized handmade wire charm gift from Axelkin*, and one commission drawing from Andrillian**.

1ST Place: 100 Points, one customized handmade wire charm gift from Axelkin*, one commission drawing from Andrillian**, one small prop commission from Axelkin***, one sketch commission from Kwun-Kwun**** and invitation to become a contributor.

Best in Show: 50 Points.

Axelkin will make:
• Wire pendents, charms, or keychains
• Wire wrapping
• Customizable with different colored beads and wire
• Recreations of past work (limit to inventory). One of her personal favorites being Katagiri's Quincy pendent.

Andrillian will draw:
• Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai (Just the normal porn, no tentacle porn, exaggerated or rape, etc)
• Fan art (As long as there’s references, I don’t know every fandom, unfortunately)
• OC’s (references needed)
• Artistic nudity
• Chibi

Andrillian will NOT draw:
• Animals/anthros
• Architecture
• Gore/violence (Like ripped off body parts and stuff, a bit of blood is no problem.)
• Mechanical art
• Complicated armour (A few pieces is no problem at all, like chest pieces, shoulder pads, etc.)
• Pixel art
• Old/masculine
• Zombies, Dragons, other magical creatures (fairies & elves are okay, things that resemble humans)
• Trace art or draw OC’s that are not yours!

Axelkin will make:
• Small props (badges,  kunais, medalions, ect.)
• Handbags
• Small clothing items (Mantles, scarves, ect.)
• Prop can be from any video game or anime, reference photos will be needed.

Axelkin will NOT make:
• Anything that wont fit into an 8x5 envelope/box. (Sorry, no swords, large weapons or full costumes)
• Anything heavier than a pound. (Remember, everything has to be shipped!)

Kwun-Kwun will draw:
• A full body character sketch of any character of your choice. (OCs are acceptable)
• Soft Yaoi
• Soft Yuri
• Soft Ecchi

Kwun-Kwun will NOT draw:
• Chibis
• Nagas
• Furries
• Gore
• Hentai
• Mecha
• Backgrounds
• Overly complicated designs

(Winners will have a chance to discuses complete terms of commissionable items once the contest has been completed. Head on over to Kwun-Kwun, Andrillian and Axelkin's pages to see past work for ideas!)


Is IchiUri our OTP? Do you think about it late into the night, sneaking peaks on online forums and fanpages looking for other people to talk to or finding ways to corrupt your friends into the forbidden love of IchiUri?

Well, here's a chance to become a contributor to the first IchiUri club! :3


~ Submit an entry of your best or favorite work.
~ Work must be an ORIGINAL but doesn't have to be new.
~ Tell us what IchiUri means to you in the description section of your deviation.
~ Only one entry per challenge period.


All entries will be reviewed by either Founder and/or Co-Founder. Every once in a while the submissions will be looked over and one will be chosen to become a Contributor. Winners will have their work blogged about.

Being a Contributor gives unlimited album submission access and other exclusive club decisions like contest judging capabilities and voting rights.

+ I would really love to see the IchiUri fanbase grow! And it will only happen if we all spread their love. After all, they are such a wonderful couple. Hell, even Kubo probably thinks that too and that's why we all see the little IchiUri moments all over the place: in the anime, manga AND official artwork! So let's get out there and spread the IchiUri love! :D

- A NOTE TO ALL MEMBERS: I've been going through all the different tabs and have changed some things around. All members (excluding admins) can submit 3 entries per day per album. So start loading up our albums with all your old IchiUri art! Also if you come across someone else's art that isn't a member, go ahead and submit it or note me the person's username and I can add it.
More Journal Entries


Here are our lovely affiliate groups! Check them out!



Want to join our admin team? Check out the Contributor Contest rules to see how!








Welcome to the one and only Ichiuri club on deviant art! Whether you support IchiUri, ShiroUri, KonUri, or even TenshUri (Tensho/Mugetsu) feel free to join! Come spread the love of IchiUri by submitting art, suggesting favs, or even just to commute with other fans of this fantastic pairing.

Please take some time to read the rules before submitting!

:bulletpink: GENERAL RULES
- Please spread the IchiUri love, whatever you prefer!
- Be respectful others, their views and their art.

- If you do not abide by the rules we will give you two warnings. If you ignore these warnings you will be banned from submitting art for a week.

:bulletorange: SUBMITTING YOUR ART
You may submit:
- fanfiction
- fanart
- cosplay
- fan photography/ handmade crafts
- stamps and icons

- Limit of submissions are 5 per day per album. And make sure to submit accordingly.
- Please do not submit art that has nothing to do with IchiUri. You are welcome to submit pictures involving other YAOI PAIRINGS ONLY but they must have some connection to ichiuri.
- Please do not submit art with Ichigo and Uryu paired with anyone else (unless it is an IchiUri +1).
- Any of Ichigo's personalities are acceptable as a substitute. This includes: Kon-Ichi, Hollow-Ichi, and Tensho-Ichi.
- NO ART THEFT. Do not submit art that is not yours. The exception is stamps and icons. Also please do not submit art that has been drawn by professional doujinshi artists and coloured by you.
- Collaborations are acceptable but be sure to credit your collaborator with appropriate links.
- Please do not submit anything that is TOO offensive and remember to correctly use the content filter on your submissions.

- Non-member art is subject to approval and cannot be featured. If you do submit art or are asked to allow a collection add we humbly ask if you would like to join.

- The icon we have was drawn by "blue system" (I'm not sure if that's her name), taken from her doujinshi 'Mercury Record' and animated by Yggeko LOVE IT! :heart:

Enjoy your stay with us :blowkiss:

:bulletblue: AFFILIATES
:iconbleach-yaoi-b3: :iconichigo-uryuu: :iconbleach-yaoi-group: :iconbleach-boys-fc: :iconclub-bleach: :iconthequincyclub: :iconboyloveclub: :iconholethroughyoursoul: :iconichigo-lover:

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kwun-kwun 3 days ago  Student General Artist
did you write that *ichiuri+1 in the rules? I don't remember writing it. But at any rate, I really, really, really like the sound of that... *thinking of perverted thoughts* ehehehehehehehe....
Axelkin 3 days ago   General Artist
I did! I've read a couple of fics where Hichigo is in the mix and one with Renji added.... Both were pretty steamy to say the least! And it adds more options for those who like other pairings as well. ;)
Hey there~~ Are we having any Secret Santa this year? :'DDD
(omg I just now got this message! D: stupid computer DX )
Hmmm, I think so
LOL Took a while

We should hurry - Christmas is in 12 days!!!
I know! D:
And I have exams this week. DAMN YOU SCHOOL!!! D<
Eh, I'll draw it in the library :>
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kwun-kwun Nov 30, 2010  Student General Artist
how do you do secret santa on DA? O:
IDK. I would just gather our members and do a weird math number thingy Like Person #2 draws something for Person #7 and they in turn draw something for Person #9 or something :icondontunderstandplz:

I just want an excuse for more IchiUri art XD
kwun-kwun Dec 1, 2010  Student General Artist
that is a GOOD idea!! I'll talk to the members!! Thanks man!
(1 Reply)
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